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Update 3/30: Here are some additional resources to help you think about coronavirus and answer questions you may have:

What is a Virus?


What is Coronavirus?


Answers to questions on SARS-CoV-2


What is Community Spread (and what can we do)?

UPDATE 3/26: Our first Zoom office hours will be Wednesday April 1 at 3pm. Click this for the URL. This space can be to talk about math, life, or just to have a place to not be bored for a bit. Honestly I'm getting pretty stir-crazy at this point and would love to talk to all of you again soon. 


In the face of turmoil, do we retreat, or do we baton down the hatches, lash ourselves to the mast and brave the storm? 
Meditate on this and then do your math. 

That aside, here are a few notes:
1) 3rd Quarter Grades are still somewhat up in the air in terms of finalizing make-up work. We should receive guidance from on high sometime on 23 March. I suspect I will be posting either Khan Academy makeup and/or creating make-up packets. Once I receive aforementioned guidance, I'll update this page.

UPDATE  3/25: Given that we're moving towards the end of the posting period, I have decided to do two things about your grades. First, I have given everyone enough bonus to move them up a letter grade (so if you had an F at the end of the quarter, it's now a D; D's are C's; C's are B's; B's are A's. A's... remain A's). 

Second, I will allow you to do extra make-up work to improve your grade from that number. Email me ( or text me at (615) 429-7892 for that further improvement.

2) Most of our work will be done on Khan Academy. I recognize that many of your schedules are thrown out of sync by the recent events, and as such I'll be making our work due at midnight on Sunday of each week. I would suggest scheduling it earlier in the week so you don't have a lot to do on Sunday night. The Khan Academy links are at the bottom of this page. Make sure to select your class period. I'll be posting the first set of assignments when I see a number of you logged in.

Grading will be 75% completion, 25% quizzes.
3) The best way to reach me is email ( If that doesn't work, you can reach out to me over Facebook Messenger (but I check my email much more frequently). You can also text me at (615) 429-7892.
I'll respond to anything that comes in before 10pm (you can try after but no guarantees).
      Good luck. Stay safe and healthy, and I'll see you soon.
Mr. Nieboer 
To do:

Khan Academy Links (click on your period)

 Algebra 1
Log into Khanacademy with the links in the right column. Make sure to choose the class period you have. Complete assignments therein.

1st Period

2nd Period

3rd Period 

Log into Khanacademy with the links in the right column. Make sure to choose the class period you have. Complete assignments therein.
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