Extended School Enrollment

Preceding a student’s enrollment in the alternative school, the principal, alternative school supervisor, the student’s counselor, and the dean of students will hold a meeting. This meeting will determine the adequacy of an alternative school setting to support the student’s ongoing academic and personal development.
A student may also independently request placement in the alternative school setting by submitting an application or written petition to their principal. Within one week of submitting this application, the principal and alternative school supervisor will meet to review the application (in consultation with the student’s parent or guardian) before a decision on placement is made.
A student’s first day enrolled in the alternative school setting will be the Monday immediately following the decision.

Students in the alternative school may return to the traditional school, unless restricted by the board or stipulations of policy. Students may submit a written petition (with parent or guardian signature included) requesting to return to the traditional school setting. Within one week of the petition’s submission to the alternative school supervisor, the principal and the alternative school supervisor will meet to determine the future enrollment status of the student. Submission of a petition does not guarantee the student’s return to the traditional school setting. 

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