Extended School

The Little Wound Extended School was established in October, 2016, on the foundation of the existing alternative high school. The program is funded through a U.S. Department of Education Native Youth Community Project Grant.

The Extended School is for non-traditional students, including students who have dropped out previously, students who spend time working from home, and students in their fifth year of high school, et al.

Besides the academic component of the school, a counselor and Lakota culture teacher are available to provide additional supports to students to bolster success and includes “classes” on topics including parenting skills, dealing with grief and loss, and Lakota culture and tradition.

Five full-time staff hopes to support up to 80 students over a four year period.

Alice Phelps
Project Director
A.J. Granelli
Melvin Young Bear
Lakota Lang./Culture Teacher
Bobbi White
Ted Phelps
Student Assistant 
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