Students are encouraged to be involved in school related activities.  Athletics/activities are a privilege and not a right therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to maintain their eligibility. 

High School students, alternative education students, and 7th & 8th students who participate in the SDHSAA sanctioned contests will comply with SDHSAA rules and regulations. 

The Athletic Director shall be responsible for providing the most current rules and regulations to principals, coaches, students and parents.

To be eligible for participation in extra-curricular athletics/activities, students must meet the following SDHSAA eligibility criteria:

  1. You are under the age of 20. Age to be determined by birth date, not hour and minute.

  2. You have not attended more than 4 first semesters and 4 second semesters, or 12 trimesters, of school in grades 9 through 12. Enrollment and attendance in school or participation in one or more contests shall constitute a semester/trimester of eligibility. Once a student enrolls as a ninth grader, all semesters/trimesters must be consecutive unless waived as per Article VII, Section 3 (I), page 10 of the constitution.

  3. During the preceding semester/trimester you passed a minimum equivalent of four full time subjects for which you earned at least 2.0 units of high school credit that will be used in the issuance of a diploma.

  4. During the current semester/trimester you are enrolled in and attend a minimum equivalent of four full time subjects for which you will earn at least 2.0 units of high school credit that will be used in the issuance of a diploma.

  5. You have enrolled by the 16th school day of the current semester/trimester. Date of regular entry into classes is considered the date of enrollment.

  6. You have on file in the principal's office a signed physical examination, a parent & student consent form, consent for release of medical information form (HIPAA), and a concussion fact sheet for parents/athlete.

  7. You have not transferred from one high school to another without a corresponding change in the residence of your parents. (Exception made for students who transfer pursuant to the open­enrollment Bylaw.)

  8. You have a copy of your transcript on file in the principal's office prior to competition.

  9. You have not been absent from school more than ten (10) consecutive school days in a member school which operates a five (5) day school week or more than eight (8) consecutive days in a member school which operates a four (4) day school week. (Illness of the student or death in the immediate family excepted.)

  10. During a high school sport season, you do not compete on an unattached basis as an individual or as a member of a non-school team.

  11. You have not participated in an athletic contest under an assumed name.

  12. You have not participated in athletics in any institution of learning of higher rank than a standard secondary school.

  13. You have not violated your amateur standing.

  14. You have not graduated from a regular four-year high school or institution of equivalent rank.

  15. Credit recovery. Students who have been declared ineligible because of academic deficiencies from the previous semester/trimester may earn scholastic/academic eligibility by taking an academic course(s) via the options approved by the SD Department of Education. Examples include, but not limited to, on-line courses, in-district credit recovery courses, alternative education settings, digital courses, etc. The principal must monitor the successful completion of the course(s) and reinstate eligibility only after the successful completion of 2 units of credit as per Chapter I, Part IV, Section 1, Subsection D., page 14 of the Bylaws.

In addition to the SDHSAA eligibility criteria:

All students who will represent Little Wound School in any extra-curricular activity must have their name appear on the School's Master Eligibility List prior to their participation. 

Any student who is suspended for disciplinary reasons shall be ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities throughout the duration of their suspension period.

Students may be in more than one activity if permission is first obtained from coach, advisor (sponsor), Athletic Director, Principal, and teacher.

Students are responsible for any equipment or uniforms provided to them. Any lost, stolen, or broken equipment not returned at the completion of the activity will forfeit the student's right to awards, letters, and further participation in future activities until uniforms and/or equipment is returned or is paid for in full. 

Being ineligible to participate in an activity does not constitute ineligibility to practice.

All students shall sign interscholastic rules/team rules and comply with the rules.

Big Foot Conference

 Students in grades 4 -8 will comply with the Big Foot Conference rules when participating in extracurricular activities.

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