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This is going to be an interesting way to learn for all of us and quite frankly, I'm learning with you all as we go. Who would have thought that music class could be done online without instruments. I certainly wouldn't have thought so, but here we are about to dive into the world of music together virtually. I will be sending home a packet that is all music theory based so everyone will be doing the same material whether you're in band or guitar. This is the only way I can see that could possibly be ok in light of the circumstances we are in. I know because Spring Break started sooner than anyone anticipated, none of you were even given a chance to take home an instrument to practice. I'm sincerely sorry for this and wish there was a way to get you an instrument, but we just don't have the ability to or the instruments. That's why I decided to switch all of you to a Music Theory based class. The packet I have created for you all will be on here for those that have the ability to download and work on it immediately as well as it will be delivered to each of your families. I just ask that you send me pictures of your finished assignments as you progress. Doesn't have to be right, just has to show you've worked on it. 
 This link has everything that you'll need to work on in the weeks to come. Daily, I will be reminding what you all should be working on to keep you on track. 
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