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 English/Language Arts II--WIshing you the best from home---"From the window, to the wall!" I hope you're doing well, that you are remembering to take time to take care of yourselves and are helping  others in your home. There are going to be challenges each of us must face, but we will get through this, together. It's a great time to read, write, reflect on our journeys, pray, smudge, be compassionate, sing, dance, write music, poems, short stories, play your instrument, exercise, meditate, learn something new,bead, sew, work on a car, clean a yard, fix something in our home, help prepare meals, be present with our loved ones, practice Lakota or another language, sit in total silence, lend an ear or shoulder, and count our many, many blessings. (This was a "mic-test"--check, check!)  Oh, yeah!  And laugh, share stories, ask about and listen to stories from your nearest elder. I'm sure when this has passed, we will have many experienes to share, and you know me, write about. Start writing about them on paper, in your journal, in an email, on a napkin, and try to send to me electronically, if you can. " Be safe, be kind, be back!"
 You may contact me at 605-840-9409 or at Thanks!
 Speech--Packets were sent home. Look to Odyssey and Google Classroom for updates on your assignments.
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