Students may enroll at the appropriate educational level during the school term under the following conditions: 

1. Students must present appropriate verification of educational level participated in if previously enrolled in another educational system.

2. The parent(s) or guardian(s) of students enrolling must be present and complete all required forms prior to finalization of admission of the student.

3. Prior to admittance, students and their parent(s) must furnish a completed registration checklist to the school with:

• Health Forms
• Tribal Enrollment CDIB
• Birth Certificate
• Proof of guardianship or legal custody, if not one of the natural parents
• School transcripts required for transferring students

The student must reside within Little Wound School service area (K-8). Parents may petition the LWS Board for admittance for their children who reside outside the service areas, with the exception of students who have had prior approval by the board to remain in continuous enrollment status. The LWS Board will take into consideration class sizes, transportation needs, and other factors when making final decisions.  

Late Enrollments:

Students seeking enrollment more than two calendar weeks after the beginning of each semester shall not be admitted until the following semester, except under the following circumstances:

1. Transfer from outside the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation with passing grades.
2. The superintendent shall make the final decision on all late enrollment requests.

Other enrollment considerations:

Any student who has not completed graduation requirements in the school year of their 19th birthday must petition the Board for re-admittance, and may do so only one (1) time, unless the student is a special education enrollee, by the August Budget Board meeting for the Fall Semester and by the December Budget Board meeting for the Spring Semester approval for the current school year.

Students who have reached their 21st birthday will not be admitted to the Little Wound School system.

New Students who have reached 16 will not be admitted to the Middle School general education system.  They will be referred to the alternative education program.

Re-enrollment after being dropped is at the discretion of the Superintendent in consultation with the school principal, the counselor, and the Dean of Students.

Special education students are exempt from policy and shall be subject to laws related to Special Education.
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