Chief Little Wound

Little Wound was one of the Oglala chiefs who believed education was the answer for a better future for their people. His belief led others to bring that vision to reality.

The school was named in memory of Chief Little Wound and his son, George Little Wound.

Little Wound School, like the men for whom it's named, recognized the importance of an education for the future leaders of the Oglala Nation.



About Little Wound School

Little Wound School is a pre-K to 12 locally-controlled P.L. 100-297 Grant School located in Kyle within the Medicine Root District on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota.

The student population is approximately 900 students who are predominantly Oglala Lakota. A majority of the high school students are bused to Little Wound School from several communities on the reservation, which constitutes an attendance area having a 50-mile radius.

Little Wound School promotes the active involvement of parents and other community residents in education planning, evaluation, social, recreational and community development activities.

Staff are strongly encouraged to play an active role in the school and community activities which is demonstrated by their involvement in pow wows, rodeos, feeds, dances, carnivals, bingos, community and school improvement activities, extra-curricular activities and a variety of other school and community activities.

Many of the 200 employees are Oglala Lakota tribal members.

One of the prime focuses of the school is to provide a learning opportunity reflective of the four major Lakota values of wisdom, generosity, respect, and courage. The school was created and designed to provide a Lakota culture-based climate and learning opportunity for the students and the community.