September 9, 2014 at 2:00 pm
LW Elementary Auditorium
Please bring two forms of ID with you if you have not substituted at LWS in 2014.

Due to the school day beginning at 8:15 am and ending 3:45 pm, the bus schedules have been adjusted to accommodate the new school day schedule. Following are the bus schedule routes and the times the buses will leave the school to pick up students. In returning your child home, please notify the school by 2:00 pm if you have made other arrangements for your child's return to home in the event you will not be home to receive your child. Thank you.
For more information please call the Transportation Manager at 455-6180.

Bus Route Schedule

Little Wound School is accepting applications for
teachers. Click here to view vacancies.

Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Term!

We are excited about the new school year that is just around the corner.

Registration is August 11-15

New students must have the following documents:
Tribal Enrollment
Birth Certificate
Proof of guardianship or legal custody if not one of the natural parents.
School records, transcripts for transferring students
Immunization record.

Teacher Inservice - August 14-15

Staff Orientation - August 18-22

Photo from the top of the new water tower!



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