Students will be evaluated in terms of what they have accomplished in a given subject, course or content area based upon their demonstrated proficiency, capabilities displayed, and attendance in class. Ratings for student academic proficiency will be recorded and reported to parents and students on a quarterly basis during each school term, and records of assigned student proficiency ratings will be maintained on an official record in the student’s cumulative folder. Grade report maintenance will be conducted in accordance with the Privacy Act, Confidentiality Act, Freedom of Information Act, and other regulatory provisions.  

The assignment of academic proficiency ratings will be based upon demonstrated student proficiency on assigned tasks in each content area or course, i.e., performance on tests, essays, individual and class projects, written assignments, performance on individual and group assignments, and other forms of student application of knowledge and skills (i.e. oral presentations, other):

Grading Scale:
• the grade A, will represent outstanding work 90-100 = A
• the grade B, better than average work 80 - 89 = B
• the grade C, average work 70 - 79 = C
• the grade D, below average work 60 - 69 = D
• the grade F, failing Below 60 = F

I =Incomplete:   Students will be given two (2) weeks after the end of the semester to complete work and or tests for a course.   Completed work will be graded and appropriate grade given. Failure to comply with the time line will become an F.

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