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Native American Student Information System - NASIS
Infinite Campus is the software company that hosts the Native American Student Information System (NASIS).  NASIS is a student information system that is web-based so teachers, parents and students have access to information from anywhere with an internet connection and at any time.  NASIS serves as Little Wound School's data warehouse, allowing student data to be entered once and used across the school in real-time, supporting data-driven decision making.  
Provided by the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), NASIS is used by all 187 bureau funded schools allowing these schools to track student enrollments.  The BIE uses NASIS to help in the funding levels of each bureau funded school.  Having clean accurate data is critical in the school funding process.
What is the parent and student portal?
The portal can be accessed by parents of enrolled students.  Parents can see all children in their children in their household.  Parents have access to their student's assignment, track attendance, view class schedules and report cards.  They can also see school announcements.
Students can see the assignments, attendance, schedule, email teachers, view grades, report cards and see announcements.  They can only see their ow information.

Where do I access the portal?

Parents and students with a user login can access the portal from the school website, by using the URL or going to Infinite Campus Login and enter school name and state.

How do I get a login to the portal?

There are two ways to get a login.  You must be the legal guardian of the student(s) you are wishing to be able to view portal information.  This guardianship must be identified in NASIS.  Once guardianship is established, your login can be created in one of the two procedures below.

  1. Contact the school NASIS Administrator to create your login by calling (605)407-9183. 
  2. Contact the school secretary or the NASIS Administrator to receive a GUID/Activation Key. Once you have received the Activation Key, you can set up your login.  Following are the instructions.
  3. Request complete and submit online form HERE.

Is there a cellphone app and where do I get the app?

Yes.  Go to the app store on your cellphone and search Infinite Campus.  Select either Campus Parent or Campus Student. 

Is the portal secure?
Security of the system is high.  Users are only those staff members who are required to see, enter or maintain the data as part of their job duties i.e.  teachers, counselors, principals, dean of students, and school secretaries.  Two-factor authentication is used for user logins.  Users have access to only student information they need to perform their job.


Support Contact:

A short list of tools available:
• Alert Messages
• Attendance
• Behavior
• Calendar
• Census
• Enrollment
• Health
• Special Education 
• Staff Demographic Data
Teacher Tools
• Attendance
• Basic Reports
• Grade Book
• Online Assignments
• Post Grades
• Roster
• Seating Charts

• Email Communication
• Form Letter Wizards
• Parent/Student Portal
• Mobile Portal App
• Surveys
• Teacher Messenger
• User Notices 

• eTranscript
• Report Cards
• Scheduling
• Transcripts

School Services
• Counseling 
• Transportation

Reporting and Analysis
• Ad Hoc Reporting
• Data Analysis/Visualization
• State Reporting