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Little Wound School

Taopi Cikala Owayawa

Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang

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 Time Leaving School


LastHorse/No Flesh

7:10 am

Bill Clifford

Potato Creek

7:00 am

Evry May

Amer Horse/Three Mile Creek

6:50 am

Rolland Apple


Jamie Big Crow


 6:30 am

Vonna Blacksmith


6:30 am

North Allen/Yellow Bear/Short North/Allen Housing

6:30 am

Jon Red Owl


6:45 am

George Apple


6:15 am

Jimmy Whirlwind Horse

Wounded Knee/Manderson/Gooseneck

5:45 am

Jeremy Pourier


6:15 am

Chris Janis


6:20 am 

Clayton Faubion

For more information contact:
Bill Clifford, Transportation Manager
There are approximately 450 students transported daily from a radius of 50 miles.  Drivers transport students to and from school as well provide activities runs Monday through Thursday.

Bus Conduct

Little Wound School provides transportation for students who reside within the school service area and it is imperative that behavior of students on buses be positive to provide for safe transportation services.

The respective principal will implement the student disciplinary procedure with recommendations from the Transportation Manager if any students violate the school policies while being transported to and from school. Student may be subject to the following consequences in addition to other discipline as allowed pursuant to these policies if student’s behavior becomes disruptive, destructive or violates school policy in cases of major infractions:

1. Suspension from riding the bus for a designated period of time.

2. Discontinuance of transportation services for continual abusers of behavior boundaries.

3. Ineligibility for transportation services to school-related activities for a designated period of time.

4. Driver has the authority to remove student from bus if necessary.

These disciplinary actions must be taken in conjunction with the policies on discipline protocol. Students should report any incident(s) occurring on buses to their Principal and Bus drivers shall report the name(s) of any student(s) who violate established rules of conduct to the Transportation Manager. The Transportation Manager shall maintain a record of infractions committed by students during the ride to and from school, which shall be submitted, to the Superintendent monthly.  

If the violation affects the welfare and/or safety of the bus driver or passenger(s), the Bus Driver has the authority to immediately remove the student/person from the bus. (*Suspend transportation services until the Transportation Manager can be notified.) If immediate removal takes place, the Transportation Manager and Superintendent must be immediately notified for further action.