Special Education News
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Welcome to Sign Buddies On Line Sign Language Classes 
with Barbara Duchini, Special Ed. Teacher 
 Sign Language Handout (Animals)
 Special Ed. Staff
 Norma Brown Bull, Director
 Denise Pourier-Bradford, Secretary
 Lisa White Bull, Counselor
 Jennifer Young Bull Bear, Social Wkr
 Juanita Rhodd, Intervention Counselor
 David Powell, Teacher
 Justina One Horn, Transition Specialist
 Barbara Duchini, Teacher
 Migan Inez, Teacher
 Megan Ruff, Teacher
 Iva Jo Ruff, Teacher
 Brian Schwanke, Teacher
 Daniel Konechne, Teacher
 James Pratt, Teacher
 John Little Sky, Student Asst.
 Mary Young Bear, Student Asst.
 Linda Aguilar, Student Asst.
 Donna Heathershaw, Student Asst.
 Anita Wounded Head, Student Asst.
 Jackie Eagle Heart, Student Asst.
 Shawna Janis, Student Asst.
 Emmaline Poor Bear, Student Asst.
 Victoria Volk, Student Asst.
 Hanna Gasdia, Student Asst.
 Celena Red Owl, Student Asst.
 Kara Condon, Student Asst.
 Mark Tapio, Mentor
 Thea McCauley, Mentor
 Tina Two Crow, Mentor
 Gerald Cournoyer, Mentor
 Suzie May, Mentor
 Talisha Goodlow, PT Mentor
 Loretta Martinez, PT Mentor
 Sylvia Lasley, PT Mentor
 Lakota Bibian, PT Mentor
 George Apple, PT Mentor
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