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Little Wound School

Taopi Cikala Owayawa

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Project Aware

24/7 On Call 605-441-4187

Strategic Prevention Framework 

Background: Little Wound School is implementing a comprehensive mental and behavioral health support system within our school through a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to promote prevention of substance use, misuse, and abuse.

Services offered will be based on a concept called the trauma-informed schools’ model, which understands that our school’s students may experience trauma (both historical and contemporary) in their lives and can be supported with cultural activities, counseling, and other targeted approaches. These approaches can help our students dealing with trauma succeed in both school and life and reduce their proclivity to use, or use of, alcohol, drugs, and other illicit substances. Our district believes that these services will be beneficial to our student community and we invite your student to participate in them. A student’s participation in this project is voluntary and will open the door to a number of opportunities for students, including: participation in additional cultural ceremonies and activities on campus; access to expanded student support services; and receive training about trauma and positive coping mechanisms.  more....

Project Staff

Edwina Brown Bull, Project Director
Phone Number: 605-455-6221 and /or 605-454-4062

Tammy Steele, Co-Coordinator
Telephone:  605-407-2923

Hawkeye Montileaux, Cultural Mentor
Telephone:  605-454-4189

Dow Sauksavoth, Counselor/Social Worker
Telephone: 605-441-6093

Mekko Bear Killer, Counselor/Social Worker
Telephone:  605-454-4188

Shirley Spider, Counselor/Social Worker
Telephone:  605-407-3075