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Gifted and Talented

The Gifted and Talented Education provides enrichment opportunities to K-12 students that are designed to address the specific area of giftedness and/or enhance talents that the students have been identified for.  The categories of giftedness or talent include:

Intellectual Ability
- Creative/Divergent Thinking
- Academic Aptitude/Achievement
- Leadership
- Visual & Performing Arts.
The program insures holistic development of each student through cultural, social, physical, and intellectual/academic experiences that will provide identified students with opportunities to become self-actualized, self-motivated leaders, life-long learners, community contributors, and producers of ideas. Opportunities are provided before, during, and after school hours, as well as, within the classroom.
Partnering with parents/guardians and school faculty throughout the entire process assures success of the individual student achievement in their area of gifts and talents! 
For more information about our GATE Program, contact Linda Herman at 605-441-4251