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Little Wound School

Taopi Cikala Owayawa

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Middle School

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Principal's Message

Alvon Little Whiteman imaciyapi. Ate wayeki Aloysius Little Whiteman Sr. iciyapi ka na ina wayeki Lucy Little Whiteman-Broken Rope iciyapi ka. Wahwayela nape ciyuzape. Taopi Cikala Owayawa woyake el tanyan yahipi!
Middle school is a time of transition for our students. Students come to us as children and leave as young adults ready to begin their high school career.  

At Little Wound Middle School, our teachers work hard and are dedicated to providing a sacred environment so students can excel in all academics, including the Lakota language and culture. We also promote wellness by incorporating American Indian Life Skills and Mind, Body and Medicine into our curriculum, as well as a number of other supplemental programs.

 We recognize the students with positive behaviors and provide them with incentives that the student council plans and executes.

Communication is important with any school.  Do not hesitate to contact myself or any Middle School staff member, regarding questions or concerns you may have.  Our goal is to work together to maximize the learning experience for our students. We believe collaboration and working together produces the best results for our students.   We would like to encourage parents, teachers, support personnel, students, and the community to work together to ensure our students become high achieving, respectful, and responsible Lakota citizens.  We look forward to working with each of our parents.

Wopila for visiting our woyake.  Toksa Ake wacinyankin kte. I will see you again. Lakota people never say good-bye.

 Alvon Little Whiteman
 Middle School Principal

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Alvon Little Whiteman, Principal
(605) 455-6182
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