Students are expected to adhere to Lakota Values and conduct themselves in a respectful manner while at school or school related activities. The student is responsible for learning the following rules that govern the activities of the school environment. Unacceptable behavior by the student will result in immediate disciplinary action by the respective Principal or designee deemed developmentally appropriate by offense. 
Behavioral Expectations

The Little Wound School District is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students, employees, volunteers and community that is free from harassment, intimidation or bullying.  

It is expected that all staff send a clear message to students and staff that bullying in the schools, on school grounds, on the buses or at school sponsored activities will not be tolerated and will be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including suspension and expulsion for students and termination for employees.

Little Wound School will promptly and reasonably investigate allegations of harassment, including bullying.  The principal or his/her designee will be responsible for handling all complaints by students alleging harassment, including bullying.  

Administrator or designee must take action on a report of harassment/bullying within three days from receipt of incident report form to administration.

Each school or facility will have a structured reporting system in place to report any act of bullying.  

The staff is required to and must report in writing any allegation of bullying or violations of this policy to the principal or his/her designee on the office referral form.  Failure to report will result in disciplinary action.  Members of the school community who have credible information that an act of bullying/harassment has taken place may file a incident/complaint report form as a witness, or as a victim on school grounds, during school related functions.

The procedure of investigating school- based bullying/harassment may include the administrator, counselor, or designated staff.  The person shall begin a thorough investigation and interview with the complainant, the accused, and any witnesses within two school days of receiving the office referral form.  During the investigation this person may take any action necessary to protect the complainant and other students or employees.  A decision by the administrator shall be completed within ten (10) school days about the validity of the allegations and about any corrective action to be taken. 

No retaliation of any kind is permitted in connection with an individual having made a bullying/harassment complaint and if it occurs it shall be deemed an additional act of bullying/harassment.

Disciplinary consequence for a person who commits bullying/harassment will follow the written policy, which may range from a positive behavioral intervention, to suspension and/or expulsion or termination.

An employee shall be disqualified from participation in any student disciplinary action for a member of his/her immediate family.  “Immediate family member is defined in 3.16”.  

An employee has the discretion to recuse herself/himself from disciplinary action if that person is a hunka relative.
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