K-12 Therapeutic Counselors, School Counselors,large group of students and Social Workers triage mental health, screen, informed consents, refer, counsel individual & group, urgent care to other agencies when necessary, mental health emergencies, hospitalizations, aftercare & follow-up, home visits.

Reconnecting Youth

Reconnecting Youth is a comprehensive peer support small group class.

RY offers Life Skills in four areas;
  • Self Esteem Enhancement
  • Decision making
  • Personal control
  • Interpersonal communication

Skills are applied daily, in class and assigned as “lifework” to the three program goals: increased school achievement, decreased drug involvement, and decreased suicide risk behaviors.

RY is scheduled into (6) high school classes and the middle school

Lakota Cultural Advisors provide Lakota singing, Lakota language, cultural presentations, assist with circle ups, weekly inipis, grief work wiping of tears ceremony, inducted three high school boys into the warrior society, offering an additional resource for healing and participate in ongoing trainings with students.

Native HOPE (Helping Our People Endure)

Staff (5-12 teachers & Wellness Team) & Strengthening Spirit Peer Group received the Training of Trainers for the second year.

Native HOPE is a curriculum based on the theory that suicide prevention can be successful in Indian Country by Native Youth being committed to breaking the “Code of Silence” prevalent among all youth. The program is also premised on the foundation of increasing “strengths” as well as warning-signs-awareness of suicide among Native Youth. The program includes the full inclusion of Native Culture, traditions, spirituality, ceremonies and humor.

Center for Mind, Body, Medicine

Center for Mind, Body, Medicine PTP & Advanced Training. Center for Mind Body is a worldwide organization. The CMBM model directly addresses the causes and symptoms of trauma, stress, depression, and burnout. CMBM emphasizes ongoing self-care and mutual help in a safe and supportive small group environment. LWS ANA Youth Suicide Grant is in partnership with CMBM. Center for Mind Body Medicine model teaches the following stress-relieving mind-body medicine skills:

Meditation – breathing and mindfulness to reduce the hyper-arousal that often follows trauma, and accompanying trouble focusing, insomnia, muscular tension, and aggression

Physical Movement- to release tension and reduce stress, as well as to enhance energy

Guided Imagery – to safely explore problems and visualize solutions

Genograms – visual ‘family trees’ of individuals’ familial and medical histories to explore patterns that affect relationships and to find sources od support in family and culture

School Wellness Team

Edwina Brown Bull, Therapuetic Counselor
Warren Pourier, Therapeutic Counselor
Karla Cuny, Elem. Counselor
Jonnilynn May, MS Counselor
Jay Jacobs, HS Counselor
Rochelle Iron Crow, HS Counselor
Lisa White Bull, Special Ed. Counselor
Jennifer Young Bull Bear, K-12 Social Worker
Juanita Rhodd, Intervention Counselor
Bobbi White, Extended Sch. Counselor
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